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End result of listening to Goldfish. 5 rough characters and an concept for a story.

C1: male, protaganist, white hair w/ red tuft, 1 long sword and to simple short blades, fitted and simplified leather armor, boots, utility belt, grey-blue eyes.
C2: female, protaganist, black hair w/ purple stripe, arcane braclet (manafests a bow), baggy cloth armor, booties, satchel, eyes match hair stripe.
C3: ???, neutral, demon, abbysal vaccum blade, winged, bald with 2 horns starting at forehead that curve back then slightly up, grey skin w/ red tint. More details needed.
C4: antaganist, lower angel, monsterous broad sword, white eyes, pure white hair, robes, feathered wings, sandles, infinate pouch
C5: antaganist, high angel, 9 flying swords, black eyes, raven hair, black cloak, raven wings, floats (named Litimia by heartenedsoldier)

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